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Amazon offers Art of the State (Audio CD),30 November, 1998
Christian Music & Lyrics AD List price $14.97
The best album you've "never heard." / 5
That's the tagline I use to describe this wonderful album, perhaps the best "group" album of Kerry Livgren's career, rivaling what many to be the best Kansas album ever, "Leftoverture," for song structure, vocals, instrumentation, and texture. Each song is carefully woven, and split between AD's two lead vocalists: the soulful Warren Ham (keyboards, woodwinds) and the soaring, "Steve Walsh-like" Michael Gleason (keyboards). Both lead vocalists tried out for the vacant lead vocalist position in Kansas when Steve Walsh left the band in 1981. The quintet is rounded out by Dennis Holt (described by some as the "Neil Peart" of Christian rock), Kerry Livgren (chief songwriter, guitarist, and keyboardist), and ex-Kansas bass player Dave Hope.
The album mixes a variety of styles, with Kansas-like prog-rock, classical, and jazz (Zion, chiefly written by Warren Ham, is a fast-moving jazz piece, that shows the versatility of the drummer, Dennis Holt). The best cuts are Heartland, which clocks in under four minutes and contains guitars, keyboards of organ, strings, and piano, and the soaring vocals of Warren Ham. The Revelatory piece, "The Fury," is applauded by another reviewer, and the tribulation period "Up from the Wasteland" echoes images of scripture found in Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, and Revelation. This album is a MUST own if you like Kansas, Kerry Livgren, AD, or progressive rock!

Song "Exiles"
Now...in this faraway land
Strange...that the palms of my hands
Should be damp with expectancy

Spring...and the air's turning mild
City lights...and the glimpse of a child
Of the alleyway infantry

Friends...do they know what I mean
Rain...and the gathering green
Of an afternoon out-of-town

But Lord I had to go
My trail was laid too slow behind me
To face the call of fame
Or make a drunkard's name for me
Though now this other life
Has brought a different understanding
And from these endless days
Shall come a broader sympathy
And though I count the hours
To be alone's no injury...

My home...was a place near the sand
Cliffs...and a military band
Blew and air of normality

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