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I had videotaped this James Bignon and the Deliverance Mass Choir performance many years ago. Before stepping out in the mornings, I would steel myself for the day watching them assure me that "Everything Will Be All Right". The videotape did not survive. So I ran out and bought the audiotape. I would imagine the singers, our blessed elders especially, praising and making a joyful noise. This album has reminded me WHO brought me through. I will be forever thankful. (Would someone please make a DVD of this performance?)
Song "Deliverance"
Look around
Tell me what you see
People running nowhere
Thinking they're free

The path they're on leads to destruction
Do you see?
They think they're having fun
But it's just a fantasy

We've been sent from the Master
We've been sent with a message to hope
We've been given the keys to the Kingdom
To unlock the chains and bonds

Look at yourself
Tell me what is there
The enemy has your life
But do you really care

We've been sent from the Master
We've been sent with a message to hope
We've been given the keys to the Kingdom
To unlock the chains and bonds

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