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Site dedicated to one of the founders of rock. Includes discography, links, biography, lyrics, articles, and reviews covering the artist's career from the 1950s to today. Does not work in Netscape 3 or 4.
Dion box set showcases one of rock's greatest voices
Review of "King of the New York Streets."
Dion DiMucci Not Nostalgic
Two articles on the Rock and Roll Hall of Famer playing smoky bars on the East Coast as a member of the Little Kings. [Associated Press]
The Cutting Edge: Dion
Discography and bibliography.
The Artists of Rock 'n' Roll: Dion
Short biography.
The Wanderer
Drummer Frank Funaro, formerly of the Del-Lords, talks about one of his favorite drum tracks. One could say that he is pleased to be playing in the Little Kings with Dion.
Amazon offers Beauty and the Beast - Special Edition Soundtrack (Audio CD),18 December, 2001
Christian Music & Lyrics T Belmonts List price $18.98
THE BEST of all of Disney's soundtracks! / 5
WOW. Alan Menkin is at his finest in this soundtrack. I could listen to this soundtrack for ages. The movie and the music are perfect together... take one away the entire structure falls. I especially loved Beauty and the Beast (the one when Mrs. Potts is singing), Transformation, and Be Our Guest. This soundtrack is Disney's gold momment...however Disney's musical Renaissance started to decline after Beauty and the Beast. This soundtrack is the best of the best. When you listen to this music, you will be transported into the world of Beauty and the Beast.
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Review: Dion is a Healer and Wolfwalker on her first Journey. ... Review: Dion and her friends have escaped from the slavers, but now need to find their way ...
Amazon.com: Reviews for Dion & Belmonts - Greatest Hits: Music ...
Amazon.com: Reviews for Dion & Belmonts - Greatest Hits: Music: Dion & the Belmonts by Dion & the Belmonts.
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