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David Meece
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There He Goes Again / 4
The arrival of a long awaited album from David Meece is like a cool rain after a long hot summer. Thats just what Meece's new album: "There I Go Again" delivers. Refreshing and very original, (unlike many of his Christain comtempory singers) David is not afraid to admit his weaknesses and the sins he struggles with.
Ever since songs like: "Falling Down" David Meece had shown an attitude of true humility and honesty we Christains must face in dealing with our own sins. "He who confesses his sins, and renounces them finds mercy" (Psalms).

Of his new album David lays it all out on the line with songs like track #1: "There Is No Other Hope" (you can accept Jesus Christ or you can reject Him, but there is no ther hope for us if we reject Him!!). Other songs like track #4 are a beautiful expression of the Fathers love towards us. The title track: "There I go Again" is consistant with Meece's confession/struggle with habitual sins that plague him. Track #2 :Dancing With The Enemy" was a good idea for a song, however it seems a little too generalised to pin down those inflitrated with satan's handiwork. My personal favorite on this album is track#6 "Things You Never Gave Me". David realises that there were certin things he desired but that the Lord refused for him to have knowing those things would be harmful to him either spiritually, phyically or both. David voices his own gratitude to the Lord for sparing him of "The Things He Never Gave Him" (Father knows best!)

Meece's new album is a shoe in for those of us who have enjoyed his music ministry all along. I encourage younger believers to give it a listen, now that they "have tasted that the Lord is good". Buy this album and you may well yet realise how fragile our walk with The Lord can truly be. By the way, the music is incredibly well done! Superb production!

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