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dragonsworn [book review] - Parable of the Sower, Octavia E. Butler
dragonsworn online is a resource for fantasy, science fiction, and horror fans. provides features, discussion, art galleries, fiction, poetry, articles, ...
The Social Affairs Unit - Web Review: Arabian Parable: Experience
Arabian Parable: Experience. Posted by William G. Ridgeway. Trackback to this post (0) ... (64), Reviews - Books... (85), Reviews - Books about Maps. ...
Review of Parable of the Sower by Octavia E.
A REVIEW OF. PARABLE OF THE SOWER. by Octavia E. Butler ... Parable of the Sower takes place in the fairly near future (2024-2027 CE) after quite a bit of ...
American Poetry Review, The: Parable of the Russian Shoes
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Arts & Entertainment Calendar (Arroyo Grande Times Press Recorder)
Stanley L. Stern will teach ?Experimenting in Painting and Drawing.? For information, call 546-3100 or e-mail Sstern3126@aol.com . n Harry?s Night Club and Beach Bar, 690 Cypress St., Pismo Beach, hosts live music most nights.
East Bulletin Board (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)
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New York Doll Follows The Strange, Final Days Of Bassist, And Mormon Convert,...
How?s this for a weird story: a Mormon fresh out of film school is looking for a subject. One day, at the LDS church in Pasadena, he meets a man in his 50s who works as a clerk in the genealogical research library ? a tall, balding, anxious guy in a tie who travels to work on the bus.
Film Listings (San Francisco Bay Guardian)
Film listings are edited by Cheryl Eddy. Reviewers are Robert Avila, Kimberly Chun, Michelle Devereaux, Susan Gerhard, Max Goldberg, Dennis Harvey, Johnny Ray Huston, Jonathan L. Knapp, Laurie Koh, Lynn Rapoport, Sara Schieron, Jason Shamai, and Chuck Stephens. The film intern is Matt Sussman.
'John Doe' Makes for Some Names to Remember (Washington Post)
A promising American musical isn't born every minute. Heck, whole years go by without anything approximating the arrival of a melodious blessed event. So what is one to make of the extremely interesting new show getting a first major exposure at -- of all places -- Ford's Theatre?
Writing in the free world (Salon.com)
Jonathan Lethem explains why copyright laws stifle creativity and why he's giving away the film option to his new novel.
Youths at church rally to help out hurt friend (Johnson City Press)
Seven youths at First Baptist Church in Elizabethton are trying to turn $40 into $130,000 and along the way pay off the medical bills of a seriously injured buddy.
Faith takes center stage (San Francisco Chronicle)
"We are all in the hands of the Lord ... Who said that? Not me!" The words are spoken by Mrs. Ramsay in Berkeley Repertory Theatre's adaptation of Virginia Woolf's "To the Lighthouse." As unexpectedly as the thoughts appear in the 1927 novel, they...
Helm takes another shot at music and the movies (Orlando Sentinel)
Mark Wahlberg has the title role in the sniper thriller, Shooter. He gets to be the hero, and as Bobby Lee Swagger, he has most of the zingiest lines.
First class of All-Stars finds diverse paths (Lawrence Journal-World)
Ten years ago, the Journal-World?s first group of Academic All-Stars had big dreams. A couple of them wanted to be chemical engineers. Some thought about getting medical degrees. One even wanted to be an astronaut, while another had plans to teach high school biology. Did they make it?

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